Aka Asuka JAV Debut

We’ve been talking to all matter of new JAV Actresses in the industry lately. Today, we’re able to catch up with a new debuting JAV Actress, Aka Asuka. Aka’s making her JAV debut with S1 NO.1 Style. She’s a young, busty beautiful woman who’s creating a new name for herself. Aka’s calling herself “Big Baby.” Why; it’s because she has huge titties! Her breasts come in at a delicious J-Cup.

Her our discussions today, we talked with Aka about what got her into the JAV industry in the first place seeing as her debut movie, Fresh Face NO.1 STYLE – Aka Asuka AV Debut, will have been released by the time you read this! Enjoy and give her all of your love and support!

R18: Have you become used to the name “Aka Asuka”? Why did you choose that to be your performer’s name?
Asuka: I do like this name so, I’ve become used to it rather quickly. I wanted to choose a name, when written, had beautiful characters. Besides, I call myself “Big Baby” because my tits are big!

R18: Big titties are always welcome! What are your three sizes?
Asuka: Bust 105 cm, Waist 59 cm, and Hip 88 cm.

R18: What gave you the idea about making your JAV debut?
Asuka: My interest in JAV is why I’m here!

R18: Have you ever watched JAV before your debut?
Asuka: Yes, I’ve seen it before!

R18: Were you nervous the night before your debut filming session?
Asuka: I was so nervous! I couldn’t rest much the night before.

R18: Thinking back to when you were filming, what was the most embarrassing/nervous part of the film?
Asuka: I think my most embarrassing moment was when I needed to take off my underwear for the first time and be naked. Oh, also the backward woman on top position that made me look like a spider!

R18: What was the most fun scene to shoot?
Asuka: I’ll have to go with my first time doing the titty-fucking scene.

R18: When you’re watching JAV in private, which genres do you typically go for?
Asuka: I don’t really know much about the genres… I am pretty interested in cute Actresses the most. I’m curious to see what their movies are like.

R18: The more you’re in the industry, what sort of movies are you most interested in making?
Asuka: I like anime, so I’d love to have some cosplay sex!

R18: As you progress throughout your JAV career, what kind of Actress are you hoping to be?
Asuka: I want to be able to utilize a variety of naughty techniques by making full use of my tits since they’re so big.

R18: I’m sure we know, but which part of your body are you most proud of?
Asuka: Of course, it’s my tits!

R18: Are you able to speak a foreign language?
Asuka: No, I can’t.

R18: Have you ever had sex with someone from another country before? How was it?
Asuka: No experience with that!

R18: If you have one, can you tell all of your new overseas fans where they can contact you via social media?
Asuka: You can contact me here on Twitter @AKA217BABY !

R18: Thank you so much for talking with us today, Aka. Before you go, do you have a message to all of your new fans from overseas?
Asuka: It’s a good day! My name is Aka Asuka and I tried hard for my first JAV movie. Of course, all of my hard work is for everyone here as it is for you overseas. I hope you’ll all be happy with my hard work. I hope you remember it and remember #BigBaby! I really hope you enjoy it!

R18: Thank you, Aka Asuka. It was a pleasure being able to talk to her as she’s debuting with S1 NO.1 Style on R18.com. Please, greet her warmly and let her know how much you love #BigBaby!

Source: R18[https://www.r18.com/news/aka-asuka-jav-debut.html]

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