Interview Kaho Shibuya

Kaho Shibuya, was an AV Actress for Fitch, BeFree and other studios for a few years. Recently, in 2018, she retired from her AV acting career to pursue other venues. Kaho graced the AV scene, making her mark on the exciting career with her large K-Cup breasts. She worked in porn for over three and a half years before announcing her retirement via Twitter.

Since her retirement, Kaho has been enjoying her life outside of porn. She still talks to the media about her time seeing as she was very popular and some people were surprised by her announcement. Take a look at what she’s had to say to Fanza about her time in retirement!

IV (Interviewer): Kaho Shibuya, it’s a pleasure to get to speak with you since your retirement finally. How has it been treating you?
Kaho: Thank you for having me. One of my agents kept asking me if I was going to speak to the media about my retirement since I haven’t yet! It’s been different but I think that I needed something a little different in my life.

IV: Excellent to hear. I remember some of your old movies had you performing Anal scenes. Do you miss having anal or are you enjoying not having your asshole fucked regularly?
Kaho: I don’t think I’d say that I miss it. I certainly enjoyed it; otherwise, I wouldn’t have done those scenes! But I do believe that not having to do those sorts of things constantly is a real change. I’ve gone from worrying a lot about how I’m going to act out a scene to thinking about how I’m going to spend my day. Am I going to sit at home and relax or do I actually have something more to do today?

IV: You’re a very busty girl with K-Cup breasts when you first debuted everyone fell in love with how big your breasts are. Do you still care a lot for your body’s upkeep?
Kaho: Yes, I still do. My appearance is still something that I pay an immense amount of attention to even if I’m not having sex on screen. I still want my body to look amazing without having to be in porn. I want a body that makes these studios beg me to come back even though I probably won’t.

IV: Do you feel as though your boobs are so large that you make other women want to be like you?
Kaho: Large breasts are definitely something that could make other girls jealous – I know that for sure! I can’t help that my breasts are so big. I do what I can to make myself look good and to keep them looking good I suppose. They’re big, not much else I can do with how someone else would feel!

IV: Considering how a lot of clothing is for women these days, they will showcase your breasts quite a bit. You’re wearing a dress here today that is showing them off quite well. Pardon me for staring!
Kaho: (laughs) I’m quite used to the stares from people. That’s exactly what I’m talking about though. I’ve been in porn for quite some time, and people fell in love with my breasts so much that I don’t feel like I should hide them. I don’t have low confidence when it comes to my breasts or my body – I’m proud of how I look.

IV: So, what was the reasoning behind retiring from AV? Were you not enjoying it anymore?
Kaho: In all honesty, I went from having a ton of fun with it to finding out how much of a routine it can become.

IV: A routine? What does that mean?
Kaho: It’s a routine with how much you’d have to do for these movies. From everything from your looks to the film itself to promoting it. I wouldn’t call it a drag but I got into porn because I wanted to. I wanted to see how the life of an AV star was and do my surprise I did it quite well. I’m pretty sure having K-Cup breasts helped a ton.

After getting into it for so long and seeing how it was I started to want something different. It had nothing to do with the career path it was just something that I wanted to change.

English Source: R18
Japanese Source: Fanza

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