Interview: Karen Kaede

IV (Interviewer): You started off your AV career on a high note! Your movie, “FIRST IMPRESSION 130 Pure Beauty – An Excessively Pretty And Pure Beautiful Girl Is Born – Karen Kaede,” came out during Idea Pocket’s 20th Anniversary. What a way to start. Were you aware of Idea Pocket prior to you filming with them?
Kaede: Of course, I knew of them!

IV: I’ve heard that you’ve watched AV movies in the past before your debut. What was the feeling going through your head when Idea Pocket approached you and wanted you to be a dedicated actress to them?
Kaede: Amazing. I’m still reeling from that fact. I’ve watched AV for quite some time and to even be approached by a big named studio, such as them, is exhilarating.

IV: Of course, I’m sure it would be. So, it’s been nearly six months, half a year, since you first debuted with them. Are you more comfortable with shooting porn than you were starting out?
Kaede: Hmm, I would say so. I do know that I’m no longer too nervous to sleep the day before shooting any more.

IV: When did you think you could start s*g normally again?
Kaede: I’d say from around my third time venturing over to them to shoot. It took some time!

IV: What about being there at the shooting site? Do you get nervous there?
Kaede: Being there for the first time is nerve-racking. I could barely stand it! Now, it’s becoming a little easier being there naked and having sex.

IV: Your third movie produced it titled: “Hey Hey, Do You Wanna Fuck? Karen Is A Pure Beautiful Girl And Now You’re Living The School Sex Life Of Your Dreams With Her Exclusive No.3 She’s Beautiful But Vulnerable To Pressure! LOL Karen Kaede.” You were so cute and beautiful playing a s*l who’s new in class.

There’s a scene in which it deals with a little bit of a threesome but you’re sucking the teacher’s dick while he stands to lecture the rest of the class. It’s a typical scene in AV movies. Did you want to or enjoy doing that scene?
Kaede: I did want to do it! I enjoyed that scene but I had to keep myself centered in front of him and behind the podium since it was so narrow.

IV: After producing movies for a few months, and receiving all of this dick, are you still in love with AV. Do you still want to continue?
Kaede: Of course, I do. I still love AV and being a part of it.

IV: So, you’ve scene various dicks since you’ve started. What kind of dick is your favorite?
Kaede: I like thick dicks better.

IV: Do you want it in your mouth more or inside your pussy?
Kaede: Both!

IV: You’ve produced photo books before haven’t you? Where did those adventures take you?
Kaede: One of my photo books took me to Thailand which is an amazing country.

IV: Are taking pictures something you enjoy doing?
Kaede: I wasn’t a big fan starting out but I’ve started to become accustomed to it. I was extremely nervous taking pictures for AV when I first started out though!

Source: R18
Japanese Source: Fanza

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