Rika Aimi: Secrets of the 4’7″, H-Cup Pornstar

We’re going to be covering an interview with the lovely Rika Omi. Rika debuted on April 13th, 2019 with S1 NO.1 Style with her movie “Fresh Face No.1 Style Rika Aimi Her Adult Video Debut.” Rika remained as an exclusive S1 pornstar for quite some time before making on from that “exclusivity.”

When Rika debuted, everyone had their eyes on her. She was touted as a small girl with large titties. And it’s true. Rika is only 145 cm tall (4 ft 7 in) and her breasts are more than a handful at an H-Cup. She’s done quite a bit in her year in porn. She’s done a variety of JAV movies as she’s wanted to. Rika’s with Fanza to talk about her adventures in porn and to talk about one of her favorite pieces.

V (Interviewer): It’s been over a year since your debut. And you’ve appeared in quite a few works covering a variety of styles. What’s been your favorite movie so far?
Aimi: My favorite movie to have done is “My Stepsister Has Blossomed And Grown Some Huge Tits, So When I Went Home For The Weekend, I Secretly Fucked Her The Entire Time – Rika Aimi.” It was a lot of fun to film and it was also the last movie I did as an S1 exclusive pornstar.

IV: Seeing as your director was Kitorune Kawaguchi, there must’ve been quite a bit of dialogue to remember.
Aimi: Yeah, I didn’t mind it though.

IV: Is it difficult for you to get into a role like this?
Aimi: This was the second time I had done a “drama” work. I didn’t think I was too worried about how to figure out to portray her since I’ve had some experience with it. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to do. The start of this movie, when we started, was at the beginning of summer too.

IV: A bit of a nostalgic feeling.
Aimi: Another great part about that movie was the actor I was having sex with him. I loved it. He was the perfect partner for me seeing as I’m so small. I didn’t have to do things I wasn’t comfortable with since I’m not big of a girl.

IV: I’m sure the impression of his dick was well-received?
Aimi: Yes! That also left an impression on me too.

IV: Let’s take a look at your studio changes. You went from S1 to being transferred to Madonna. How were the differences?
Aimi: There weren’t really many differences. One thing that is different though is the makeup! With S1, the makeup is simple and easy to do considering the roles I played. With Madonna, the makeup is much more complex and mature since I’m playing the “married woman” roles. And the hairstyles are supposed to give off a mature feel instead of a younger feel.

IV: The actor involved with your final S1 drama movie, did you ever meet him again after finishing?
Aimi: Yes, I did, actually! He was with me for “My Condom Broke, And Now, To My Surprise, I Was Having Raw Sex! I Was Getting Creampie Sex Over And Over Again, In Ultra High-Speed Piston-Pounding Pleasure! Rika Aimi.” It was maybe four months later.

IV: Was it nice to see each other again?
Aimi: It was for me and he even told me he was happy to be working with me again.

IV: Depending on the type of work, the Actor will try and carry themselves differently to lift up the Actress and be more comedic during filming.
Aimi: It was so funny. He’s basically there to make me laugh for the entire time we’re there filming!

IV: I’m going through all of your package images. Which one is your personal favorite?
Aimi: This is probably a popular one but I love “Tail Of Spence Development Clinic, Rika Aimi.”

IV: You know, cosplay suits you well in “VictimGirlsR – I Won’t Lose! Yuri Fukada, Rika Aimi.”
Aimi: Kawaguchi also directed that movie.

IV: This movie, “Rika Aimi She’s Lifting Her Lesbian Ban A Gorgeous Lesbian Gives Deep And Rich Kisses,” was your first lesbian work.
Aimi: It is! This is also like the second time I’ve ever been in a pool for sex.

IV: Was there anything difficult about lesbian play?
Aimi: I’m not sure if it was “difficult” to do. But it was hard to wrap my head around.

IV: What do you mean?
Aimi: There’s no dick having sex with me.

IV: By the way, the packaging for this movie is beautiful. It’s also very rare for JAV.
Aimi: I’m glad you like it! I never thought a horizontal image would make it to JAV.

IV: What was it like meeting Ai Mukai?
Aimi: My first impressions of Ai were amazing. She’s an amazing person and truly, truly beautiful.

IV: Was having sex with her different from a male body?
Aimi: Oh, yes; completely different. Lips are totally different and girls are generally much tinier.

IV: You and pools seem to go well together. There was another work of yours with Madonna that dealt with swimming and pools.
Aimi: Pools (laughing)! That’s very true. The movie with Madonna was “Swim Class Adultery – H-Cup Beauty Has Her First Creampie Sex! – Rika Aimi.”

IV: When you’re performing, when you’re having sex in the camera, are you concentrating more on the person you’re with and immersing yourself in sex? Or is your attention being taken away by the camera focusing on you?
Aimi: I’m not conscious of it at all! If I’m being recorded or not, it doesn’t really matter to me.

IV: You don’t care about a camera watching you!
Aimi: I’m more conscious about the position of the camera. It moves around and there’s a lot of lighting involved. So, I’m not distracted by that. What distracts me is when I’m having sex and I make a really loud sound. But for the most part, I can concentrate.

IV: You’ve been getting into VR lately. Are you enjoying it? Was it something easy to do in the beginning?
Aimi: At first, I felt like I couldn’t do it at all! It’s so different. All you’re doing it talking and repeating lines to a camera! Nothing’s being said back to you!

IV: You know, according to our secret investigations, your favorite positions are when you’re taken from behind.
Aimi: Oh my (laughing)! I do like it but I’ve also begun enjoying missionary a lot. I can see the face of the one I’m having sex with. I really enjoyed doggystyle sex because one of my ex-boyfriend’s was a little chubby. So, missionary was a little awkward with him.

IV: Oh, I see!
Aimi: I didn’t understand the goodness of missionary until JAV.

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